8 REASONS TO RIDE the epic new Tiger 1200

5 & 6

"Off-Road Pro" riding mode

The new Tiger 1200 sees the introduction of a brand new riding mode for the XC range; Off-Road Pro.  This is an advanced off-road setting that gives the rider maximum control over their ride precisely when they need it.  Essentially, Off-Road Pro switches off ABS and traction control, and (where appropriate) sets the semi-active suspension set-up to 'Off-Road' so you can really push your motorcycling to the limit.

Triumph Shift Assist 

Triumph has developed an exclusive system called Triumph Shift Assist that allows the Tiger 1200 rider to make smooth up and down gear changes without the use of the clutch, and even when maintaining accelerator position.  Featured as standard on the top specification Tiger 1200s and available as optional equipment on the mid spec bikes, the Triumph Shift assist system significantly reduces rider fatigue especially over long distances and demanding terrains.